Classification and clinical features of chronic purulent otitis media

  • А. D. Gusakov State institution "Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine"
  • А. А. Gusakova State institution "Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine"
Keywords: chronic otitis, hearing loss, cholesteatoma, retraction pocket, tympanosclerosis


In this lecture information on the etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical course of chronic inflammation of the middle ear is systematized. The authors focus on the nature of the manifestations of otitis media, depending on the size and location of the perforation of the eardrum. Based on personal experience and accumulated knowledge, in detail reveal the issue of cholesteatoma, its precursors and possible complications. A lot of attention is paid to methods of examination and interpretation of audiometric and radiological control data. Speaking about the chronic course of the ear disease, the article describes frequently encountered situations such as tympanosclerosis, fistula, etc. In addition to their own point of view on the problem, the authors present literature data reflecting the views of other otorhinolaryngologists.


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