Practically important clinical characteristics of the modern silantev to seal the teeth of children

  • K. S. Matchenko «City dental clinic № 5» of the clinic «Dental studio», Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Keywords: fissure sealing, silenty, the chewing surfaces of molars, caries, mineralization of tooth tissues


Annotation. Incomplete posteruptive maturation of the chewing group of teeth in children, along with increased availability of carbohydrate food, deterioration of the ecology and composition of drinking water, as well as features of the morphology of fissure, cause increased susceptibility of occlusal surfaces to caries. It is argued that one of the key methods of preventing caries of the chewing surface of the teeth in children is the sealing of fissures, which is based on modern principles of evidence-based medicine. The advantages of sealing over the use of fluorinated lacquers are analyzed, modern groups of silants are investigated and their practically significant clinical characteristics are revealed.


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