Mortality in necrotic form of erysipelas

  • L. A. Vasylevska State institution "Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine"
Keywords: necrotic formoferysipelas, mortality, procalcitonin


Purpose of the study. To find out the mortality rate in patients with necrotic form of erysipelas and the reasons that cause it.

Materials and metods. 284 case histories of patients who were hospitalized in the center of purulent-septic surgery of KNP «City Hospital

№ 3» in Zaporozhye for the period 2016–2021 were analyzed.

Results. It is established that in the general population of the disease, 14,1% of patients suffer from the necrotic form of erysipelas. In the complex treatment of patients with surgical forms of erysipelas, the main place belongs to antibiotic therapy (ABT) and early surgical treatment of the area of the pathological process. Determination of procalcitonin in blood serum makes it possible to assess the progression of the inflammatory process and is a sensitive test for the effectiveness of treatment.

Conclusion. In 72,5% of cases, the disease was aggravated by sepsis with a mortality of 67,5%. The cause of mortality in patients with necrotic erythema is numerous irreversible changes in the internal organs.


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