We're training the master's public health

  • І. S. Mironyuk State University «Uzhhorod National University»
  • G. O. Slabkiy State University «Uzhhorod National University»
  • V. Y. Bilak-Lukyanchuk State University «Uzhhorod National University»
  • V. V. Kruchanytsya State University «Uzhhorod National University»
Keywords: public health, masters, preparation, number, legal basis, problems


Purpose of the study. The legal basis of training of specialists for the public health system and to determine the general methodological approaches and problems during the preparation of masters with specialization in «Public health» was study.

Materials and methods. Materials: Legislation basis and statistics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on admission of students with specialization in «Public Health». Methods: systematic approach, structural-logical analysis, content and statistical analysis.

Results and methods. In order to ensure the effective functioning of the system in the country, «Public Health» specialty was approved and there was started the training of specialists of the first level – bachelor, and the second educational level – master. National educational standards for the training of specialists in the public health system have been approved. Licensed volumes of preparation of specialists have been approved. The enrollment of students in 2019 for the public health speciality (bachelor's degree 6,9% of licensed admission, master's degree 7,0% of licensed admission) clearly shows that this specialty does not have prestige with prospective students. The low demand for public health specialty among prospective students can be justified by the lack of information about postgraduation employment.

Conclusions. Preparation of future pofessionals is carried out in accordance with the state standard, but there is no modern educational and methodological support in educational institutions.


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