Legal regulation of organization and provision of rehabilitation assistance to anti-terrorist operation/joint forces operation participants

  • O. D. Gavlovskyy Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy»
Keywords: medical rehabilitation, joint force operation, legal regulation, organization of medical care


Purpose of the study. Investigate the current legal mechanisms for organizing and providing rehabilitation assistance to participants and victims of the armed conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Materials and methods. To achieve these goals, a standard methodological apparatus for scientific research was used: bibliosemantic, for the analysis of periodical literature, and content analysis, for the analysis of legal documents.

Results. As stated in the regulations, one of the main responsibilities of the state is to ensure the social protection of participants in the armed conflict in the east of the country. To fulfill this function, a number of laws and regulations have been enacted at the legislative levels, which are constantly being revised to improve social, medical and psychological care for participants in the joint force operation (anti-terrorist operation) and its victims. Comprehensive assistance to disabled military personnel and combatants includes statutory guarantees and procedures for their rehabilitation and adaptation. This list includes medical rehabilitation (provision of medical care, including prosthetics and orthoses, provision of technical means of rehabilitation); psychological rehabilitation; social rehabilitation; vocational rehabilitation.

Conclusions. In Ukraine, there is a welldeveloped legal regulation of the process of providing rehabilitation assistance to participants in the armed conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Organizational mechanisms for rehabilitation are constantly being improved: the International Classification of Functioning, Restriction of Life has been introduced; qualification characteristics of rehabilitologists and rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapy assistants and occupational therapists have been developed. It has been established that there are no unified protocols for medical rehabilitation in Ukraine: only a protocol of measures for post-traumatic stress disorder has been developed. A «road map» for medical care, reparative treatment and rehabilitation measures in health care facilities is available and applicable.


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